• Annual solicitation of nominations from mentees and peers
  • Supporting documentation to include mentorship activity and service to the Mentoring Academy
  • Election/selection process: recommended by Academy Membership Committee and approved by current masters group
  • Criteria
  • outstanding quality and quantity of mentoring
  • leadership/administrative roles in the Mentoring Academy
  • must meet general member requirements

Masters Responsibilities:

  • Mentoring (outstanding quality and quantity)
  • Participation in Mentoring Academy committees or educational programs

Member Benefits

  • Quantitative and qualitative recognition of mentoring excellence for academic promotion
  • Access to mentoring network
  • Participation in Academy educational programs, activities, and committees

Membership Renewal

  • Recertification every five years for both general members and Masters based on mentoring activity

Membership Application:

We are currently accepting applications for general membership. If you are interested in joining the Mentoring Academy and serving as a mentor, go to "Academy Application".

Please send completed application form by e-mail to: hs-ucdavisshma@ucdavis.edu.