Vision Statement for Scholars/Mentees

Submit a 1-2 page "Vision Statement" that summarizes your 5-10 year idealized career goals. Identify an existing leader in the field that you aspire to become and the skills, accomplishments and characteristics that you think make that person successful and that you would like to achieve. What skills and characteristics would you most like to be recognized for in 10 years? What are the characteristics that you would like to emulate and what characteristics or behaviors would you like not to acquire?

In addition, list the resources that are required, from your perspective to achieve your 5-10 year goal. What barriers do you see that might prevent you from reaching your goals?

We highly suggest that you review your statement with your mentoring team and for faculty, your department chair, division chief and your departmental mentoring director.

Mentee Evaluation of Mentor

Use either of these forms to evaluate and give feedback to your mentor on their mentoring skills. The Mentoring Competency Assessment may be done anonymously. Your mentor may include these evaluations in their promotion and merit reviews to assist in documenting their mentoring efforts.

Sample documents