Woman in labor with peanut ball

Volunteer doulas needed for new program


UC Davis Medical Center is launching its volunteer doula program and is now accepting applications for volunteer doulas.

Volunteer doulas provide emotional support and non-pharmacologic pain interventions to help a birthing person achieve their labor and delivery goals.

Volunteer shifts are eight to 14 hours on average. Day and night shifts are available. Volunteer doulas will work in the University Birthing Suites.

Additional details about this opportunity (PDF):

  • No previous experience necessary. Volunteers will take a two-day labor support class, which will provide the tools needed to help during labor and delivery.
  • Emotional and physical endurance is required to attend long labors.
  • The program will start this summer and will require a commitment of at least six months.

Those interested should complete this application. For questions, please email HS-d3t3educationteam@ucdavis.edu.