The Northern California Business Advisory Council (BAC) was established in 2015 to promote partnerships between local businesses and employment training programs. The purpose of the BAC is to provide advice, guidance, and support for the continuing development of high-quality workforce development programs.

BAC meetings are hosted by a business and are generally divided into several activities:

  1. One or two business partners highlight their pathways to create a more inclusive workforce.
    Topics business partners discuss include:
    1. The benefits businesses receive from supported employment agencies who recruit qualified employees with disabilities to be interviewed.
    2. The high retention rate and positive reviews of employees with disabilities.
    3. The benefits that job coaches provide at no cost to businesses by assisting with training and ongoing support to employees with disabilities.
    4. The expansion of duties for employees with disabilities that often occurs after businesses become aware of skills and supports.
    5. Internships, on the job training and other methods that effectively allow people with disabilities to showcase their work skills rather than competing against applicants with more traditional interview skills and work experience.
    6. Concerns that businesses may have initially had about hiring individuals with disabilities and the positive realities they have experienced.
  1. An in-service from an agency representative about a service, strategy, or benefit for employers when including people with disabilities in their workforce.
    1. Employer tax credits
    2. On the Job Training program available through the Department of Rehabilitation
    3. Job carving strategy
  1. Business roundtable discussion with businesses about their needs that the BAC can address in future meetings

Businesses are encouraged to contact Steve Ruder at when they are interested in attending a BAC event or want to learn more about local support agencies that can introduce qualified applicants with disabilities for interviews and assist with training and support after a hire.

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