CEDD staff at AUCD event 2019CEDD offers a variety of interdisciplinary training programs designed to expand community capacity to address the needs of people with disabilities and their families. CEDD provides pre-service preparation and continuing education programs for students in medicine, nursing, special education, psychology and related fields. Participation by people with disabilities and their family members, who reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of California, is central to ensuring that a personal perspective on disability is included in all of our training programs. We work continuously to improve our training programs, particularly in regards to expanding the racial, ethnic and linguistic diversity and competence of both our faculty and trainees.

Fellowship Program in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

CEDD offers a three year fellowship training program of intensive specialty training in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics.

Interdisciplinary, Pre-Service Training in Developmental Disabilities »

CEDD offers a one-year intensive specialty training program in serving individuals with developmental disabilities to graduate students in medicine, nursing, special education, psychology, and related fields. Trainees receive instruction and practical experience in training/teaching, community service, research and the translation of research into practical applications. Trainees increase their knowledge of developmental disabilities and exposure to medical, legal, social and policy issues related to disabilities.

Training in autism for working professionals and community members »

CEDD offers a certificate program in autism through UC Davis Extension. The intended audience is primarily educators and allied-health professionals, such as nurses, psychologists, social workers, and speech/occupational/physical therapists. However, the first three courses are available to students in any field and to members of the community. The objectives of the course of study are to examine the many behavioral and neurological elements of the disorder, to gain greater understanding of current causal/treatment factors and research, and to increase the practitioners’ awareness and application of effective intervention strategies.

Training for medical students

CEDD developed a Special Studies Module on Developmental Disabilities for fourth year medical students, provided through a one month elective.  The focus of the program is on the impact of disability and the provision of care to people with developmental and other disabilities. Trainings are co-led by persons with disabilities and family members, and community experiences with persons with disabilities are a key component. Students also participate in clinics serving persons with developmental and other disabilities.