Our Rodent Behavior Core facilities are designed to assist investigators with behavioral testing of their mouse and rat models. We conduct comprehensive behavioral assays in mice and rats with relevance to the behavioral symptoms of autism, and to a wide range of other neurodevelopmental disorders, psychiatric disorders, cognitive disorders, neurological syndromes, sensory disabilities and motor dysfunctions. Automated and observer-scored state-of-the art equipment is located in dedicated testing rooms. Mouse behavioral facilities are located on the Sacramento medical campus. Rat behavioral testing facilities are located on the Davis main campus.

Five tiers of service are offered: (1) Consultation; (2) Unsupervised use of equipment; (3) Training and supervision in conducting behavioral tests using core equipment; (4) Battery of standardized assays conducted by the core staff; (5) Tailored constellations of assays conducted by the core staff. Combinations of 1-5 will be designed to match the needs of each User. 

Standardized and innovative behavioral assays are available in the domains of general health, neurological reflexes, developmental milestones, exploratory activity, motor functions, sensory abilities, metabolic readouts, learning and memory, social interaction, anxiety-related, depression-related, and schizophrenia-related paradigms, as described and illustrated on the companion webpage.

To initiate a request, please contact us as described below. A brief explanation of your scientific questions will facilitate our communications, to best meet your research needs. A meeting will be arranged to discuss experimental design, timeline, costs, and service tiers for your project.
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Projects with high relevance to intellectual and developmental disabilities may be eligible for a discounted rate for consultation and behavioral testing services. Requests for approval are submitted to Director Leonard Abbeduto and the Executive Committee of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research
Center (IDDRC), which is funded by an NICHD grant to the MIND Institute at UC Davis.

If you are not an IDDRC approved project, please submit a request for approval.

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For questions, please contact Michele Ono, Project Manager myono@ucdavis.edu

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For Questions, please contact Jacqueline Crawley, Ph.D., Core Director crawley@ucdavis.edu or Jill Silverman, Ph.D., Core Manager jsilverman@ucdavis.edu.



MOUSE Behavioral Phenotyping Assays

Jacqueline Crawley, Ph.D., Core Director, crawley@ucdavis.edu
Jill Silverman, Ph.D., Project Manager, jsilverman@ucdavis.edu
Melanie Schaffler, Mouse project technician, mdschaffler@ucdavis.edu
Michael Pride, Mouse project technician, mcpride@ucdavis.edu

RAT Behavioral Phenotyping Assays

Robert Berman, Ph.D., Core Co-Director, rfberman@ucdavis.edu, 530-754-5102
Lauren Pedersen, Rat Project Manager, lrpedersen@ucdavis.edu, 805-233-1178