Isaac N. Pessah, Ph.D.

Isaac N. Pessah, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education, Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Molecular Biosciences
1089 Veterinary Medicine Drive, Room 2023
Davis, California 95616


Phone:  530-752-6696

Dr. Pessah is a toxicologist with research interest in the area of molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating signaling in excitable cells.  His current research focuses on the structure, function, and pharmacology of the ryanodine-sensitive calcium channels (RyRs) found in sarcoplasmic and endoplasmic reticulum of muscle cells and neurons. His laboratory is actively studying how dysfunction of RyR complexes contribute to genetic diseases and how genetic alteration of RyRs and environmental factors interact to influence neurodevelopment by utilizing cellular, biochemical and molecular investigations of calcium-signaling pathways. Dr. Pessah has developed a strong, collaborative and interdisciplinary research program with colleagues across the university, as well as nationally and internationally. He is director of The Center for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention, and a member of the MIND Institute.


B.S., Biological Sciences, Cornell University, 1977
M.S., Toxicology, University of Maryland, 1981
Ph.D., Toxicology, University Maryland, 1983