Healthcare professionals from the UC Davis Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences staff the clinic.  Child Psychiatrists and Licensed Clinical Psychologists comprise the clinic’s professional staff. The clinic is open weekdays.

The following services are offered:

  • Initial psychiatric clinical assessment for children with suspected ADHD
  • We can provide care diagnostic assessments and ongoing care when indicated for children with complex ADHD that includes co-occurring NDD
  • ADHD Behavioral Parent Education Group

Referral information

Families interested in having their children seen in our clinic should directly contact their insurance provider and establish that behavioral health benefits are available and authorized. Parents should than contact their primary care provider and request they contact the Physicians Referral Center.


What are the payment options?

Insurance and self-pay options are available.  

What is the expected timeframe for an appointment?

Appointments are determined according to clinical triage criteria and are reviewed by a team of clinicians.  Our goal is for patients to be seen within 3-4 weeks from referral date.  

Referrals are tracked through a 5-step process: 

  1. MIND Institute Clinic Receives Referral
  2. Records Collection
  3. Clinic Triage
  4. Insurance Authorization
  5. Appointment Scheduling

What information should be provided with the referral?

  1. Patient's current and past medical and developmental history
  2. Completion of a patient intake questionnaire prior to the appointment
  3. IEP/IPP records
  4. Diagnostic and/or psychological testing
  5. School records if applicable and available

Current professionals in the clinic include:

Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D.Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D.
Director, ADHD Program

J. Faye Dixon, Ph.D.J. Faye Dixon, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Romina Stanislavsky, Ph.D.Romina Stanislavsky, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist