Help Organizations

CHADD – Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

National contact – 800-233-4050
Northern California affiliate – 888-759-9758
Greater Sacramento affiliate – 888-759-9758 - contact: Holly Graff email:
CHADD's primary objectives are to provide a support network for parents, caregivers and adults; to provide a forum for continuing education; to be a community resource and disseminate accurate evidence-based information about AD/HD to parents, educators, adults, professionals and the media; to promote ongoing research; and to be an advocate on behalf of the AD/HD community.

National Resource Center on AD/HD
The National Resource Center on AD/HD provides insight into and information regarding issues relating to the legal system, insurance companies and processes, furthering education and other related issues. Website provides up-to-date news articles encompassing ADHD and a bi-monthly e-newsletter that you can subscribe to via email. The website also provides reference links to other helpful websites. Comprehensive Diagnosis/Treatment section describes various symptoms relating to ADHD and provides in-depth information on different methods of treatment.

Learning Disabilities Association of America
CA Chapter – 916-725-7881
This national website contains extensive information for parents and up-to-date news articles. It also has a California Chapter with an abundance of links to other websites and organizations.

California Psychological Association
This links are to Statewide and Sacramento area psychologist referral services.

Books on K-12 and ADHD

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  12. *Many of the books for teachers and educators listed above offer advice that applies to parents too!

Books on College and ADHD

  1. Barkin, C. (1999). When Your Kid goes To College: A Parent’s Survival Guide. New York, NY: Avon Books.
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Books on Adulthood and ADHD

  1. Barkley, Russell A. (2010). Taking Charge of Adult ADHD. New York, NY: Guilford Press.