BEARS® Tissue Program

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Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences (BEARS)® Program

The MIND Institute Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences (BEARS)® Program was formed to provide scientists worldwide with the valuable gift of brain tissue and accelerate the development of effective treatments and prevention options for individuals living with neurodevelopmental disabilities. About our program

To make a significant impact, scientists, national advocacy organizations and the community must work together to transform current thinking on  brain donation  for research. It is only through collaboration that we will succeed in our endeavors to help fuel groundbreaking research and ultimately discover novel approaches for treatments.

Our mission

  • To acquire quality brain tissue from individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities as well as those considered to have typical development.

  • To collaborate and facilitate the sharing of high-quality brain tissue with scientists worldwide to increase our understanding of the biological basis of neurodevelopmental disabilities.

  • To support our team of multidisciplinary researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute and around the world in their efforts to develop preventions and treatments for various neurodevelopmental disabilities.

What are the benefits of donating brain tissue?

You will be giving researchers one of the most valuable resources to study neurodevelopmental conditions, such as autism, at a cellular and molecular level. A better understanding of neurodevelopmental disabilities may lead to earlier diagnosis and intervention, as well as new treatments.