We are not currently enrolling new participants in the CAMP Study

Camp Study

The CAMP study aims to develop a diagnostic tool for autism spectrum disorder that could be used in very young children. The earlier a child can be diagnosed, the faster they can receive helpful intervention. Currently, there is no accurate, biological, diagnostic test for autism. This study will compare two methods for diagnosing autism: 1) a laboratory test performed on a blood sample and 2) standard behavioral testing by a trained psychologist.


Children between the ages of 18-48 months who either:

1. Have a clinical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

2. Are showing signs of Developmental Delay or ASD

3. Are typically developing

What does participation involve?

The study requires one visit to the UC Davis MIND Institute. You may be contacted to return for an optional second visit about two months after the initial visit and you may also be contacted by telephone up to two years after the initial visit to follow-up on your child’s developmental status. Overall, the study will require a short blood draw and psychological and behavioral testing.

What else can I expect?

1. Compensation for each visit

2. Psychological/behavioral testing and feedback from expert clinicians about your child’s development

3. Knowledge that your participation may help the investigators better understand ASD