This lab provides a number of opportunities for students at every level interested in early autism, communication development, development of play, and early development in general.  Undergraduate volunteers provide support for our research by helping video record treatment and assessment sessions, coding and entering data, and helping with a variety of tasks related to our research in early autism.  Graduate and postgraduate trainees are involved in specific research teams and projects and contribute to the design, implementation, data analysis, and publications/presentations of research projects being carried out in the lab.       

To Learn More:

Undergraduate Students:
Undergraduate students and community members interested in volunteering for the Collaborative START Lab as a research assistant please email

Graduate Students:
Graduate students should contact Dr. Sally Rogers or Dr. Aubyn Stahmer.

Sally Rogers:

Aubyn Stahmer:

Postdoctoral Training:
Individuals interested in learning more about the postdoctoral training program can visit the postdoctoral training program website. and can also contact Dr. Rogers at the address above.