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“Thank you for an outstanding 2020 UCD Mini Medical School. Timely topics, excellent presenters, and grand organization made school on Saturday mornings a joy.”

Kris Boheim

“Dear Dr. Neyhart,
I have been volunteering for Mini Medical School for quite a few years now and want to thank you for all the work you do for the program, the university, and the community. Clearly, for you Mini Medical School is a labor of love. I am happy to see the energetic new, young people you have enlisted and the introduction of new topics of interest to the folks who venture out on often bleak, cold Saturday mornings. The speakers this year have impressed me with their professionalism, their engaging presentation styles, and their thorough, sophisticated handout materials. I found yesterday’s presentations on mental health and fitness of particular interest. I am honored to be associated with such an important project. Thank you again for making Mini Medical School such a worthwhile undertaking.

Anna K Kuhn
Professor Emerita, Gender, Sexuality, Women's Studies UC Davis

2021 Attendees Comments

“Absolutely wonderful and such a valuable public program!”

“This was a fantastic lecture. I spent my career in healthcare and did not know very much about (Zoonotic diseases and global health).”

image“Thank goodness for Zoom events like this one. Essential to my mental health during this pandemic.”

“Dr. Blumberg's presentation was excellent. He's our Dr. Fauci.”

“I really learned a lot!”

“Clear and up to date messages.”

“Absolutely excellent!”

“I am a layperson and appreciate this information (about COVID treatment). I wish the population could hear this presentation (by Dr. Cohen) which would dispel myths and misinformation.”

“Dr. Moulin was so informative and I learned so much about how the brain works on opioids and how opioid addiction occurs. She was able to answer my question and I highly value her response to it. Hearing it from her brought me peace. She is a great doctor doing amazing things.”

“Everything was excellent - thank you for your knowledge!!”

“It is an amazing opportunity to hear from the best and the brightest minds in medicine. As a result I feel better prepared to address many of life’s challenges that relate to the topics covered.”

“Excellent choice of presenters! (Learned) things with every speaker.”

image“Thank goodness for Zoom events like this one. Essential to my mental health during this pandemic.”

“What…great topics for these times. (Great) to hear from…experts in their fields…access to the state’s brightest!”

“I love Dr. Sankaran's teaching style. She takes a very complicated subject and translates it to everyday images and language that are easy to understand and retain. She leaves me wanting to know more.”

“Regarding Dr. Sankaran-Walters: “She's FANTASTIC!!!! Great style, informative, funny, relatable and brilliant.”

“Regarding Dr. Sankar’s presentation on Hepatitis C:

  • “This is exactly the level and clarity I was expecting from your Mini Medical School! Bravo!”
  • “What an excellent presentation, and very interesting for our age group. Thank you for the informative, well presented and timely lecture!”

“Such an excellent opportunity to learn more about vital subjects.”

“Well spoken, knowledgeable, and obviously committed and passionate about his field. An eye opener for me!”

“It's great to learn about new ideas and approaches from people who are so passionate about their work! Thank you!!”

“Very informative and well presented.”

“I found the material in this presentation to be relatable and highly relevant…”

“Such a thoughtful presentation thank you for your hope and guidance.”

“The time blew by so quickly. Vocals and visuals were superb.”

“It is an amazing opportunity to hear from the best and the brightest minds in medicine. As a result I feel better prepared to address many of life’s challenges that relate to the topics covered.”

“Your topics always seem to be the ‘hot issue’ at the time.”
— Stephen Himes

“The Mini Medical School is such a blessing for us. We are so grateful to you for initiating this program.”
— Barbara Dubnick

“Thank you so much for gathering speakers passionate about their fields and for organizing a stimulating, informative, and thought-provoking series of classes to prepare us for life's second half. My husband and I gained some insight from each presentation and were most profoundly affected by Aging and the Mind. We hope to sit in your classroom again.”
— Linda Sikes

Bob Dunning

“The 2015 UCD Mini Medical School was a wonderful experience and I want to thank you for the opportunity to attend. When we tell people about the school, they are either amazed that it exists or they know about it and know how hard it is to get in.”
— Don Peri

“Thank you so much for the Mini Medical School!!!!. I attended the 2015 Mini Medical School and thoroughly enjoyed every single lecture and so did all of the people I made friends with during the course. I appreciated the updated information and will be able to use it in the future.” Thank you for your lectures (of course they were the best!), your planning and coordinating the school. I loved your sense of humor and it was great that all of the lectures were so positive and uplifting! It is an amazing program and I will send members of my family next year.”
— Barbara Rickabaugh, MSN, RN

“I loved the entertainment value of the Mini-Medical School. It was fun to go to class. I thought it was going to be an 'eat your vegetables and exercise' sort of thing, but it wasn't. It was very informative and very interesting.”
— Fred Harrold

“The Mini Medical School Program epitomizes UC Davis’ public service mission and our dedication to the greater Sacramento region. Never before has the science of aging been more relevant, and for more than a decade the Mini Medical School Program has stood as one of the nation’s premier programs in providing lifesaving and life-altering knowledge about healthy aging to the broader public. By drawing on the knowledge and resources of the UC Davis Health System’s world-class faculty and award winning medical services, this groundbreaking program serves as a core component of our efforts to promote healthy aging among our local communities and beyond.”
— Chancellor Linda Katehi – UC Davis

“The Mini-Medical School is not just for people in the second half of life. I think the Mini-Medical School is for people who want to arrive in the second-half of life, and do it in a very healthy way.”

— Darby Patterson

“If there were more programs of this kind, I think we'd have less expensive medical care. Mini-Medical School has given me a lot of ideas as to what I can do to avoid common health problems.”

— Frank Vincent

Michael with graduates“The UC Davis Mini Medical School program has proven its success since 2002, and I am proud to have joined in its support in 2005. I look forward to your continued progress and in participating with you in the future.”

— Assemblymember Mariko Yamada, 8th District 

“The quality of the renowned professors at UC Davis Medical School are such an inspiration to each individual participant. Many of us are in attendance because the program is so practical and useful. Each time you attend, you learn so much about current medical research that it’s easy to sustain the learning and use the information right away.”

— Eva Long, Ph.D. 

“Dr. McCloud, kudos for orchestrating such a terrific idea with the Mini Medical School. Your effort has been extraordinary in serving an aging population that realizes the importance of taking a more active role in educating themselves to healthcare issues.”

— Craig T. McMurray, Capital Public Radio

"As a second year resident at the UC Davis Department of Medicine, I had the opportunity to attend the Mini-Medical School. It was very interactive and I think everybody learned a lot. I definitely want to continue being involved in the Mini-Medical School."

— Susan Leonard, M.D. 

“So many people have been touched by the Mini Medical School. They know how to help themselves and their families better their health. The impact isn't just seen in a positive way, but in preventing some negative things from happening as well.”

— Fred Meyers, M.D., M.A.C.P., Executive Associate Dean, UC Davis Health System 

“I love teaching at the Mini Medical School. I think the enthusiasm of the audience is fantastic. The students’ eagerness for learning is just inspirational to me as an educator.”

— Amparo Villablanca, M.D. 


In response to: What did you like most about “Aging and Medical Science:
A Mini Medical School to Prepare for Life’s Second Half”?

– Very informative and certainly very relevant.

– Very informative, impressively up to date information and very clear presentation. Thank you.

– Amazingly current and extremely informative. Excellent dynamic presentation.

– Very impressed by Dr. Blumberg's up-to-date information on coronavirus and his ability to help me understand the risks and what I can do to minimize risks to me.

– Excellent sense of humor and the right mix of science and lay-accessible information

– The topic of cancer was presented in an informative and entertaining way, and that's not easy to do! Thank you!

– Excellent connection w/ audience & ability to communicate a complicated topic in a meaningful & understandable way.

– Prof. Emmon's presentation was terrific on all dimensions and levels

– A most valuable reminder that we have the power to choose our approach to life. Thank you! I am so grateful for Mini Medical School!

– Maybe one of the best and most informative talks I have ever heard.

– I am decades younger than the "typical" MMS attendee and I found that his content validated my many efforts to respect my body & mind (both by what I put into them AND what I do to them) toward living a long, healthy life!

– We have spent a large part of our lives waiting to retire and it should be the best time of our lives. You are helping to make this happen!

– The entire experience exceeded my highest expectations!

– Overall organization superb! Speakers outstanding.

– The classes are well organized and professionally presented at a level that’s perfect for the audience. In addition, Dr. McCloud’s delightful sense of humor makes everything so much fun!

– The caliber of the presenters and the quality of their presentations. They did not go easy on us and that was great.

– All the doctors were professional and informative, not to mention, funny and engaging.

– I was impressed that the doctors were able to take time to talk to us about their specialty in a way that we could understand.

– I learned a lot about the cutting edge material—more than what I have read recently. 

– The important topics, engaging and knowledgeable speakers, and wonderful handouts.

– I was impressed that the presentations were based on current research. I also found the speakers to be skilled and entertaining presenters. Annette Bradon

– Video of eye surgery, discussion of the role of fats in the diet.

– The camaraderie, the feeling of being “in school” again, the level of discussion.

– We couldn’t believe that so much information could be conveyed in so short a time.

– The one hour per topic format was excellent – long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to maintain interest.

– I most enjoyed getting some of the latest thinking in the medical field regarding gerontology, first hand, from eminently qualified professionals!

– The pace was excellent, upbeat, fascinating; we were spoken to as adults or equals.

– The prevention aspect of the diseases, the empowerment, learning how a doctor “sees” a patient with the various conditions. Also the money I’ll save on meds.

– Nice balance of scientific and lay vocabulary. Covered most common concerns as we age.

– Just being there!

– Even though I read newsletters from a number of medical schools, I learned new information here.

– It ran on time and very smoothly overall. The lectures did not push drugs or procedures, and gave plenty of conservative management.

– Being with other conscious adults of my age who want to understand and deal with realities of aging well and in place, if possible.

– The vision lecture was a real standout.

– Tons of medical information aimed perfectly at educated, informed consumers. Your lectures hit the sweet spot every week.

– Dr. Freischlag is an enthralling speaker.