Dear 2017 Mini Medical School Graduate:

I want to express my heartfelt congratulations at your completion of “Aging and Medical Science: A Mini Medical School to Prepare for Life’s Second Half.” I hope you enjoyed the Saturday mornings you spent in our Mini Medical School program.

Judging from the course evaluations so many of you submitted, as well as the comments so graciously communicated to me and my team, this year’s class series was appreciatively received

Dr. Barbara NeyhartI was delighted that most of our graduates reported that the program substantially met or exceeded their expectations, and felt the level of teaching was “just right”. Many attendees indicated an intention to change their diet and boost their physical activity.

Some of you have made helpful comments regarding future class subjects and other ideas for making Mini Medical School even better. Know that our planning team has already met to consider your valuable input.

We are committed to making the UC Davis Mini Medical School available to the broader community in Sacramento and beyond. In October, 2015 we launched the ‘Neighborhood Mini Medical School’ series to attract more underserved and culturally diverse students and this program continues to be well received. In addition, we hope that by filming the 2017 Mini Medical School classes and making this easily accessible on the web, that the tone and content of our program will be enjoyed by your far flung family and friends.

If you are able to help support “The Mini Medical School” and related programs which focus on healthy aging in our community, we welcome your gift. Please click below to see how you can help. »

Yours Truly,

Barbara Neyhart, MD
Director of UC Davis Mini Medical School Program
Senior Director of the Older Adult Outreach Program

UC Davis Health