Do you need to go to Mini Medical School on Aging?

Take this ten question quiz. Then use the scale to determine whether you need Mini Medical School.

1. On average, how many adult teeth do we lose over a lifetime of normal aging? 

a. None
b. Two
c. Four
d. Eight


2. What substance in alcoholic beverages confers most of the known health benefits? 

a. Vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium
b. Alcohol
c. Trans-resveratrol
d. Flavonoid antioxidants


3. You are over 65 and in superb health. You are nearly vegetarian, exercise, and take no medications aside from vitamin D, calcium, and an acid reducer for esophageal reflux. Your recent blood count, cholesterol profile, and comprehensive metabolic blood panel were perfect. You are at high risk for what nutrient deficiency?

a. Vitamin B12
b. Iron
c. Magnesium
d. All the above


4. You are over 80 and retired. Every morning you awaken at 4 or 5 am, unable to fall back asleep. What might help?

a. Valerian root food supplement
b. A sedating antihistamine (found in the "PM" sleep remedies)
c. Melatonin
d. Something to read


5. True or false? Human lifespan in most developed countries increased by approximately 25 years over the past century.

a. True
b. False


6. True of false? High blood pressure with only the upper number elevated is actually normal aging.

a. True
b. False


7. True or false? Most memory impairment in the later decades of life is simply normal aging?

a. True
b. False


8. You have a new hip or knee replacement because of osteoarthritis. What is the most important precaution to assure the new joint will last a lifetime?

a. Keep your weight down
b. Avoid extended walking/hiking on firm pavement
c. An antibiotic prior to dental procedures
d. Sleep with a pillow between legs for first 12 months


9. Your right knee hurts. Your doctor reminds you that you that you have to expect a little pain at age 90. What can you do?

a. Curtail weight-bearing activities for a couple of weeks
b. Try glucosamine and chodroitin supplements
c. Politely question your doctor's "ageist" attitude
d. Try to walk through the pain if possible


10. True or False? Mother was right about a teaspoon of cod liver oil keeping you healthy.

a. True
b. False


How did you score?