A new Wide Open Walls mural at UC Davis Health


As part of Wide Open Walls, the Sacramento mural festival, artist Olivia Rose Losee-Unger (Liv) is painting a mural at the entrance of Parking Structure #2 located off Y Street.  The mural festival was conceived to activate spaces throughout Sacramento and promote diversity through artistic expressions. This is the fourth mural that has been painted on the Sacramento campus as part of Wide Open Walls.

Liv attended the School of the Arts in San Francisco, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of Pennsylvania. She has been drawing since before she could write and has painted murals professionally since 2020.

Olivia Rose Losee-Unger begins painting the newest Wide Open Walls mural.

“California poppies are so beautiful and resilient – they grow in sidewalk cracks all over California,” said Liv. “I think these large-scale poppies growing triumphantly out of the concrete of the parking structure are the perfect welcoming image for folks coming into the hospital. Resilience, beauty, kindness, and growth are all themes I thought about while designing this piece.  I'm also obsessed with using bright colors to paint happiness into all my pieces.” 

She added, “I'd like to thank everyone who works at 4860 Y: – it was such a beautiful, positive experience painting this mural and I felt so welcomed by the folks here. Health care workers, in particular, are heroes in this really difficult time we're living through, and I can't thank them enough for their generosity and hospitality both to me in this very specific circumstance and in general to the citizens of Sacramento.”