Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis announces local 2020 champion

Isabella Lazzerini supports CMN’s fundraising campaign at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores


Every year, Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals across the U.S. and Canada identify a “champion” in their local community to serve as the face for children treated at their local children's hospital. This year, 3-year-old Isabella Lazzerini of Clarksburg has been named CMN Champion, representing UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

Isabella Lazzerini, who turns four in October, is CMN at UC Davis' 2020 Champion.
Isabella Lazzerini, who turns four in October, is CMN at UC Davis' 2020 Champion.

Isabella came to UC Davis Children’s Hospital for heart surgery and had a feeding tube placed when she was just days old. She has many rare diagnoses, including a VACTERL Association diagnosis which affects one in 40,000 children, as well as Isolated Hemihypertrophy, which strikes one in 86,000 children and increases her risk of cancer. When Isabella was finally admitted to UC Davis Children’s Hospital, the Lazzerinis felt immediately at home.

“We were in a whirlwind, but everyone who cared for Isabella took care of our family, too,” said Robyn Lazzerini, Isabella’s mother.

Robyn Lazzerini, her husband Guido and children, Jennifer, Jonathan and Luca are proud Isabella is the face of CMN. As ambassadors, the Lazzerinis have spent time advocating for the charitable needs of sick and injured children in UC Davis Children’s Hospital’s 33-county service area. Although COVID-19 has interrupted in-person visits, Isabella now appears on posters and flyers in local Walmart and Sam’s Club stores for the annual CMN fundraising campaign.

“We are thrilled Isabella is this CMN year’s champion,” Robyn Lazzerini said. “We are so honored to have received care at UC Davis. They saved her life. It has become our goal to give back and we encourage you to do the same. Please donate so other kids have the chance Isabella had.”

The CMN Walmart and Sam’s Club campaign runs through July 19.

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