Kindness Counts: Participating could improve your well-being

The Kindness Counts Challenge runs from Feb. 1-28


As we’ve heard from employees, we could all use more kindness in our lives, especially now with the Omicron outbreak affecting all aspects of our lives personally and professionally.

To not overwhelm participants who are busy as is, the Staff and Faculty Health and Wellbeing team has crafted the “Kindness Counts” challenge to be easy and to work within your schedule.

Did you know that regularly practicing kindness has been found to uplift mood, buffer against stress, grow connection, curb chronic pain and more?

Give yourself a boost of well-being with this month-long challenge designed to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle that includes practicing kindness – to others and to yourself.

This challenge runs from Feb. 1-28 and includes two types of practices:

  • Loving-Kindness Meditation and
  • Various informal acts of kindness such as expressing your gratitude to a loved one or holding a door open for a stranger. You will also have access to the Acts of Kindness Bank which will include many more acts of kindness, including Workplace themed kindness practices.

You are encouraged to choose the type(s) of practices that work best for you.

What to expect:

Participants will receive:

  • Weekly emails with guidance for that week's loving kindness meditation and a variety of theme-based acts of kindness to practice during the week.
  • Ongoing daily emails with kindness practices for that day to encourage you to keep going with your practice

Each week, the challenge will focus on a different theme of kindness that builds on the previous week. 

  • Week 1: Kindness Towards Ourselves
  • Week 2: Kindness Towards Friends/Loved Ones/Benefactors
  • Week 3: Kindness Towards People in Our Lives That We Don't Really Know
  • Week 4: Kindness Towards Everyone

Participants can also join the Buddies Program, which groups participants together to support and encourage each other throughout the challenge. Registration for the Buddies Program ends Jan. 27.

To join the 2022 Kindness Counts Challenge, click here.