Local businesses thank UC Davis Health employees during COVID-19 pandemic


Local businesses are reaching out to UC Davis Health to deliver free food to show thanks to UC Davis Medical Center employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One UC Davis physician receives coffee and bread this week.
One UC Davis physician receives coffee and bread this week.

In the past week, Sac City Brews donated breakfast burritos to the Emergency Department team. Old Soul Co. delivered 15 pounds of coffee to Children’s Hospital employees. Pizza Guys even provided personal pizzas to all hospital employees in front of the hospital last week.

Moving forward, local businesses will surprise employees in different hospital units with goodies delivered to their breakrooms, physician lounges, resident rooms and other common employee spaces.  

This week, the following businesses provided food and drinks:

  • Faria Bakery ihas donated 50 to 75 servings of bread, ciabatta rolls and pasta and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis.
  • Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters is donating 12 boxes of their award-winning coffee blend.

Chris Beattie, head baker at Faria Bakery, sells pizza dough balls at the bakery to fund donations. He said this is their way to thank and give back to those fighting on the hospital’s front lines.

“As a small, neighborhood bakery, we take tremendous pride in our responsibility to provide a local food source to our community. As such, we will continue to bake, doing our best to feed and nourish our community, especially those who are severely impacted by the virus,” Beattie said. “We are so thankful for the support we have received and it empowers us to work harder for those fighting for humanity.”

Businesses that want to support UC Davis Health staff through food donations can email hs-thankucdhstaff@ucdavis.edu. Please visit our website for other ways to donate during COVID-19.