Neonatal transport nurse honored at pediatric research conference


UC Davis neonatal transport nurse Evan Giusto received the Western Society for Pediatric Research (WSPR) Abbott Subspecialty Travel Award and presented his research at this month’s WSPR Conference. 

Evan Giusto giving presentation at WSPR Conference.Evan Giusto giving presentation at WSPR Conference.
Evan Giusto presented his research at the WSPR Conference.

Giusto’s research was focused on the subspecialty of neonatal pulmonology. He compared continuous chest compressions on high frequency ventilation to traditional synchronized chest compressions with positive pressure ventilation. Guisto compared the two in a preterm asphyxiated cardiac arrest lamb model. 

His abstract was selected by the WSPR officers based on merit and ranking by subspecialty reviewers. 

“The skillset that I acquired as a neonatal transport nurse provided the foundation for me to conduct this animal translational research. I am honored to accept this award and hope it advances neonatal resuscitation and improves neurodevelopmental outcomes,” Giusto said. “I would like to thank Drs. Satyanarayana Lakshminrusimha and Payam Vali for their mentorship as well as my manager Sheryl Ruth for providing institutional support.”