Pair of luminous new paintings installed in the North Addition lobby

Installation of "Palace (Sea Fan)." This video is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.


Last Friday, two large new paintings were installed in the lobby of the North Addition of UC Davis Medical Center – and they made an immediate splash.

With their rippling bands of bold color, “Wavelets” and “Palace (Sea Fan)” immediately evoke water, aquatic life and deep reserves of calming energy.

“You can look at a painting and it takes you somewhere else,” said Oakland artist Lorene Anderson. “Whatever that experience is, it might take you out of that moment of stress or anxiety.”

“Wavelets,” by Lorene Anderson.

Anderson’s paintings join nearly 2,600 pieces of original art in the UC Davis Health art collection, created by about 350 artists, almost all of them Californian. The region’s heritage, culture and landscapes feature prominently – and “Wavelets,” the painting that appears like a lattice of undulating kelp, is no exception.

“I’ve outlined the river and Sacramento area in this painting, so I’m trying to reference local geography and history, and also pull in ideas about healing and the body,” Anderson explained. “I’m hoping there’s something for everybody.”

Those contours of the urban landscape are hidden under the many layers of the painting, a mix of acrylic, micaceous iron oxide and mica. And both paintings also hold another secret delight – phosphorescent paint in “Wavelets,” and iridescent paint in “Palace (Sea Fan).”

Beth Jones, art curator for UC Davis Health, said the “beautiful” movement and color in the paintings complement the bright and energetic environment.

“I think [they] will be really important in that space that’s so full of light and will be used by so many people,” she said.