ParkMobile is live!

Parking Services is excited to offer daily parking as an alternative to monthly permits


Based on prior feedback, employees have expressed a strong desire to have more convenient parking options that align with their schedules. One solution Parking Services has identified is to make daily parking more user-friendly and accessible through an app called ParkMobile.

ParkMobile enables you to pay for parking only on the days you need to drive to work on-site. The ParkMobile app has already been adopted by UC Davis campus and is widely used in the City of Sacramento.

Click here to watch a video to learn more about ParkMobile.

As an employee, you will be eligible to get the discounted “affiliate” daily parking permit rate when you sign up using your email address.

How does ParkMobile work?

Before commuting to work, download the ParkMobile app to your mobile device – either from the Apple or Android store – and create an account. Please Note: You must use your address when setting up your account to receive affiliate pricing.

Once you have created an account, select a UC Davis Health daily permit or a dual permit if you plan to park at both the Sacramento and Davis campus that day.

  • To park at UC Davis Health, manually enter Zone #42201.
    Zone #42201 is valid anywhere UC Davis Health “B” parking is allowed, including Lots 12, 17, 22, 25, EDD, Broadway, and Parking Structure 4. Daily permits cost $2.32.
  • To park at the Sacramento and Davis campus on the same day, manually enter Zone #42202. Zone #42202 is valid anywhere UC Davis Health “B” Parking is allowed – same as Zone #42201 – and any C, L, or M zone on the Davis Campus. Dual permits cost $4. 

On the days you drive to work, park in any space where “B” permits are honored, and then purchase a daily permit from ParkMobile. Manually enter Zone #42201 for UC Davis Health and pay $2.32 (or Zone # 42202 for dual-campus and pay $4).

Permits are valid for 24 hours.

If you plan to utilize ParkMobile moving forward, do not forget to cancel your monthly permit (if you have one). Once you have set up your account, you can save a Zone in your “favorites.”

“ParkMobile is easy to use. I’ve saved my favorite lots and zones on the app, making it easy to pay for parking on any given day.  With my new hybrid schedule, using ParkMobile saves me money since I am only paying for the days I am on campus.”Stacey Waller, Administrative IT, UC Davis Campus

Click here to learn more about the ParkMobile program at UC Davis Health.