PSO Roohullah Qadiry received this month’s POP Award


Earlier this week, Jennifer Baron, Chief Experience Officer, and Captain Mark Brunet presented this month’s Point of Pride (POP) to Protective Services Officer (PSO) Roohullah Qadiry.

The POP Award recognizes that every day, countless actions of empathy and kindness – large and small – take place across our health system.

Jennifer Baron, Roohullah Qadiry, and Mark Brunet  

The nomination included the story of Roohullah’s service, care, and compassion that he gave to a patient’s family:

“I cannot thank Roohullah Qadiry and Mark Babcock enough for their time, patience, and kindness towards the PICU staff and the family of a Davis 10 patient.  I was one of the Code Blue team members who responded to an unexpected Code Blue of a newly admitted patient in the PICU.  We attempted for two hours, unsuccessfully, to resuscitate the patient. 

The mother was in the room when we stopped our attempt. Her grief-stricken wails echoed the halls of PICU and the hearts of the staff. We wanted to comfort her and mourn with her, but she did not trust us and only blamed us for her loss.  To add to an already difficult, emotionally charged situation, the mother’s primary language was Dari, and the Marti translator was not effective. 

She took her grief and headed down to the front lobby to meet arriving family. Mark responded, and we were able to fill him in on the situation.  He then said, ‘I have a guy,’ and radioed to Roohullah, who responded and received an update on the situation. He waited for the mother and the family and together they returned to the patient's room, where Roohullah stayed, and served as a mediator between the medical staff and the family. 

He was able to build a connection with the family immediately and bring some calm to a very tragic situation.  With that calmness, the medical staff was able to answer some of the family's questions. Roohullah also relayed the family’s concerns and how we, the medical staff, could support them. He bridged a gap that, despite our attempts, we were unable to do. 

Not only did Roohullah support the family, but he also indirectly supported the PICU staff, as well.  Watching the family get the support they so desperately needed gave us some peace. And after the family left and I checked in on him, he humbly replied, ‘I was only doing my job.’ But he did not ‘only’ do his job that night. He went above and beyond. 

I went home that morning with some peace in my heart, knowing we, UC Davis Health, were able to support the family during this tragic loss.  The outcome would not have been that way without Roohullah.  Mark, as always, was there with his calm manner to provide support to the medical staff and to Roohullah. 

These two gentlemen went above and beyond that night and embodied the family-centric care we give our patients and their families here at UC Davis, and I am forever grateful for them both.”

Congratulations to our POP Award winner, Roohullah Qadiry!

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