The top five health items to pack in your emergency evacuation bag

In addition to packing flashlights and water, take these important supplies to protect your health in case of evacuation


As wildfires rage across California, emergency preparedness experts are encouraging residents to be ready to evacuate their homes. They typically recommend that emergency supply kits contain items like clothing, flashlights and drinking water.

UC Davis Health experts also want to remind you to pack your “go bag” with important items to take care of your health. If you face an emergency evacuation due to fire — or any disaster — here are some of the supplies that experts from UC Davis Health Home Care Services encourage you add to your list:

  1. Necessary medical supplies
    These items might include insulin syringes for a diabetic patient, or an EpiPen for someone with severe allergies. Don’t forget crucial equipment like oxygen tanks or catheters for those who need them.
  2. A 30-day supply of prescription medications
    You may wish to pack non-prescription medications like pain relievers, as well.
  3. First aid kit
    Kits that contain first aid essentials like bandages, gauze and antibiotic ointment are easily found at drugstores or online. Or assemble a first aid kit yourself!
  4. List of health conditions, medications and contacts
    Have on hand a list of current medications, health conditions and important contacts — be sure to include your doctor. Our UC Davis Home Health staff likes this booklet full of emergency preparedness tips.
  5. Important forms
    Have a thumb drive ready with copies of important documents — insurance (including medical insurance), government-issued identification, bank information and more.