UC Davis family medicine residents have a new clinical home: One Community Health

The clinic expands access to primary care and physician training


UC Davis Health’s decades-long partnership with One Community Health, a midtown health center that offers care to the area's most disadvantaged patients, has expanded to include a comprehensive family medicine clinic. 

Physicians Micaela Godzich (left) and Simone Asare are leading the new family medicine clinic at One Community Health.
Physicians Micaela Godzich (left) and Simone Asare are leading the new family medicine clinic at One Community Health.

The clinic also is UC Davis’ first community-based, ACGME-approved training site for UC Davis family medicine residents — 12 of them will be seeing patients there under the guidance of physician Micaela Godzich

“It’s a significant expansion of our commitment to One Community Health and their commitment to us as well,” said physician Sarah Marshall, director of the residency program. “It’s also one of many robust clinical care partnerships we hope to bring to our community.” 

As a federally qualified health center (FQHC), One Community Health provides care to anyone, regardless of ability to pay. Many patients are between jobs and uninsured, homeless or new to the country. Services include preventive care, chronic and acute disease management, nutrition counseling, dentistry and behavioral health. Case managers also are available to help coordinate a variety of social and community services. 

One Community Health is a perfect fit for family medicine doctors who provide a full spectrum of care for patients of all ages. Unlike other primary care providers, some family physicians provide prenatal services and deliver babies. Their training at UC Davis emphasizes reducing health disparities and providing care to the medically underserved. 

Godzich was the first UC Davis family medicine physician at One Community Health. She began seeing patients there in 2018 and, recognizing the important training opportunity, quickly brought a few residents on board. One of them — Simone Asare — is now a One Community Health staff physician who will be mentoring new residents. 

Most family medicine services are provided at One Community Health in midtown Sacramento, with labor and delivery services provided at UC Davis Medical Center.

Asare appreciates the holistic care approach at the clinic. It also fuels her interest in adolescent health. 

“Young people who experience poverty are at exceptionally high risk for health issues with long-term consequences, especially those who are unsheltered,” Asare said. “The clinic offers a unique opportunity to build relationships focused on health and positive changes that transform lives.” 

Godzich recalls one patient who arrived at the clinic pregnant, homeless and using methamphetamines. In addition to receiving prenatal care from Godzich, a case manager helped her find housing and made sure that she received support and counseling for substance abuse cessation. Godzich cared for her at One Community Health throughout pregnancy, delivered her baby at UC Davis Medical Center, and now sees both mom and baby at One Community Health. 

“I can’t begin to tell you how rewarding it is to give patients a medical home they may not have ever experienced before,” Godzich said. “Doing this work together with residents will shape the way these doctors deliver care to all of their patients for decades to come.”   

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