The Year of the Nurse blog is dedicated to the hard working nurses here at UC Davis Health. Listen to each podcast delving into the work life and accomplishments of each featured nurse.

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Portrait of Toby Marsh, Chief Nursing Officer at UC Davis Health

Telling our story in our voice

Chief Nursing Officer Toby describes why this project was important to him and what he hopes these stories will demonstrate.

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Portrait of Andrea Montalvo, nurse at UC Davis Health

Here in the tough times

As a new nurse, Andrea knew she was going to be in healthcare from an early age and nursing became a perfect fit.

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Portrait of Cassi Carter, nurse at UC Davis Health

Learning from every patient

As a nurse who sees a lot of psych patients, Cassi works hard to support each one when they are in her care.

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Portrait of Sally Easley, nurse at UC Davis Health

It’s the little moments

Sally shares how she was reminded that, especially in nursing, the little moments remind nurses that their human-focused care makes a difference.

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Portrait of Julie Petray, nurse at UC Davis Health

Seeing patients as people

Julie recalls a patient experience that taught her that no matter the situation, every person has a soft spot and has personal needs and if you can make a connection, your care can change their life.

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Portrait of Yusuf Rizam, nurse at UC Davis Health

You’re not on your own

As a new nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Yusuf shares his experience caring for patients in the ICU, seeing them struggle, and working with his preceptor to make a difference.

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Portrait of Crissi Patel, nurse at UC Davis Health

Worth the wait

After numerous degrees and many years of school, Crissi describes how becoming a nurse finally fulfilled a lifelong dream.

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Portrait of Heather Donaldson, nurse at UC Davis Health

Nursing, it's a great career

A multi-generational legacy, Heather explains that she tried not to listen to her call to be nurse, but when she answered, it was the best gift she could have received.

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Portrait of Aron Anthony King, nurse at UC Davis Health

Representation matters

Aron believes that in order to provide culturally competent care, nurses have to represent their community and it's his mission to bring more diverse nurses into the profession.

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Portrait of Michelle Linenberger, nurse at UC Davis Health

It's okay to talk about death

Michelle shares how watching another nurse be with a dying patient helped teach her that she can handle talking to patients and providers about how patients would like to die.

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Portrait of Rodrigo Almirol, nurse at UC Davis Health

Care based on respect

Like many nurses, Rodrigo wants his patients to know that he has given them care with dignity and respect.

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Portrait of Theresa Pak, nurse at UC Davis Health

Inspiration can come at anytime

Theresa says that during the AIDS epidemic, the nurses on the frontlines shaped and inspired her to be the nurse she is today.

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Portrait of Kelly Hamilton, Chief Nursing Officer at UC Davis Health

Giving power to the patient

Kelly describes how she learned that patients are at their most vulnerable in the hospital and how nurses can give them their power to speak up.

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Portrait of Ann Smith and Rachel Texeira, two nurses at UC Davis Health

It’s all in our family

Ann, a second generation nurse, and her daughter Rachel, a third generation nurse, share what it means to be the living legacy of nursing in their family.

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Portrait of Melissa Tayarani, nurse at UC Davis Health

You never have to go it alone

Melissa, a veteran nurse with over 40 years of experience, was shown firsthand how important it is for nurses to walk side-by-side, especially during the hardest moments.

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Portrait of Al Nutt, nurse at UC Davis Health

Working to change the narrative

Al describes how nursing school opened his eyes to the health disparities in the African American community and inspired him to change.

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Portrait of Bertha Ramirez-Preciado, nurse at UC Davis Health

It’s about the whole family

For Bertha, being a nurse means you work with the whole family and lead with compassion.

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Portrait of Alexandria Depew, nurse at UC Davis Health

It only takes a moment

Alexandria, a nurse in the Emergency Department, talks about how building a relationship with her patient and resident on shift changed her perspective on nursing.

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