Andrea Montalvo

Here in the tough times

As a new nurse, Andrea knew she was going to be in healthcare from an early age and nursing became a perfect fit.

portrait of Andrea Montalvo, nurse at UC Davis Health


There were a lot of, I guess, instigating factors, but for me, it truly started with my brother being in the healthcare system and having heart problems at a very young age, and being enveloped into the system at Stanford, and getting to see how all the staff members work together and create just such great experiences for patients. It completely was a scary situation can be for something like a heart transplant, could be scary for a family when they're not given the respect, and care, and time that they need to understand what's going on. As for in our situation, we just felt so accepted, and everything was explained so well, and we were kind of carried along on a journey, that it wasn't scary.

So that started it, and from that point on, I just always volunteered and did little things in healthcare, to the point where I was in college, and I was interning here, and I got to see what UC Davis was like as a health system. I mean, I think I was on the SICU unit and I just loved it. I mean, I loved the unit, but I think, in particular, the way the staff members worked with each other and how I saw them deal with such crazy situations, the social side of things, more so.

Because the healthcare itself is very important. It's a medical facility, obviously. But all the little minute details of how families work, and how experiences can be traumatizing and scary, I think really shows a nurse's experience with working with people, and helping them get through tough times. Just seeing how great they were there, just made me want to be a part of the institution and further want to be a nurse. I love pediatrics, so coming into this building and working in pediatrics here just felt so natural.