Ann Smith and Rachel Teixeira

It’s all in our family

Ann, a second generation nurse, and her daughter Rachel, a third generation nurse, share what it means to be the living legacy of nursing in their family.

portrait of Ann and Rachel, two nurses at UC Davis Health


Ann, Rachel, and family


This is, without crying too much, this is my legacy. Rachel, as a nurse, that and just all that we've talked about. What is a nurse, an example of a good nurse, an example of not walking by people on the street that need help. That's my legacy. It's very simple legacy. But when I look at Rachel, and I'm so proud of her, and I'm proud to be her colleague. When we're talking, brainstorming about patients, mutual patients in home health, to me that's like full circle. I'm just glad I'm not retired yet to experience this together.

And I'm just so proud of her, because of all that she explained about her nursing experience history, and she's always stepped up to the plate. Even as a lifeguard in high school, she was always very, took her job very seriously. And to know that she's the best example of nursing is pretty awesome, as a mom and as a colleague.


Well, and for me, likewise. It's similar to what you shared, Mom, about you floating to other units and people recognize you as grandma's daughter. I get that, too. And that makes me really proud. I mean, I don't like to advertise it, not because I'm not proud, because I try to maintain professionalism about it and I think we do a good job of that. But, everyone... Ann Smith, she's, for a long time, was the lone nurse practitioner in the outpatient clinics, and I think a testament to her expertise as a clinician and the respect that she has of her colleagues, both fellow nurse practitioners, nurses, but also physicians, is that, tell me if I'm getting this story wrong, but that when they were doing layoffs 10, 15 years ago of nurses, her doctors stood by her and said, "We will all quit if you fire Ann." And I think that's a huge testament to who my mom is as a nurse, and who I am as a nurse is a direct reflection of the example of my mom and my aunts and my grandmothers who've gone before me.