Aron Anthony King

Representation matters

Aron believes that in order to provide culturally competent care, nurses have to represent their community and it's his mission to bring more diverse nurses into the profession.

portrait of Aron Anthony King, nurse at UC Davis Health


I really, now I want to help form future leaders and I want to help get more people into the nursing field. I know when I started working my first job, the nurse's aide, she was able to take just one class a year. She was a two single mom with two kids and everyone's encouraged here and I was talking to her like, "You can do it. You just got to go as fast as you can." And she's a nurse now and so it's just to see people bloom up and able to do those things. And so I talk to all the housekeepers, I talk to nurse's aides, I talk to unit secretaries and just like, "Hey, what's your plan? What do you want to do? Where do you see yourself?" And so just encouraging people there and along the lines of that it's just to help increase the diversity also.

I think that's very, very important to see more African Americans, to see more Hispanic Americans. My previous hospital was in Woodland and it's something like 60% Hispanic and we didn't have a lot of Hispanic nurses there. We did have a lot of nurses that spoke Spanish. But just to be able to provide that culturally competent care is important to share that background because that helps, really helps people with healing and helps people with education if you're able to relate to them on that personal level.

I've had that a lot here when I run into African American patients. They may live in neighborhoods that are predominantly black and they're not used to interacting with people outside of their race and so to come here it's like that comfort where I'm able to talk to them. You know? And I mean, even though I don't have my own language, like my grandmother, she's from the South and so the way you talk and express yourself, I can really talk to them. You get this 90 year old lady and you're able to understand what she's saying. Just, I think that's really important. I think that's what do I want my legacy to be, is I want to bring more people in and show them and push them to do more. You know? Because that's what's happened in my life.