Brandi Beren

The impact you have

A labor and delivery nurse, Brandi loves celebrating birthdays everyday and reminding moms and dads that what they are experiencing is normal and that “they’ve got this.”

portrait of Brandi Beren, nurse at UC Davis Health


And when I first went in, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do... I knew I wanted to work with families, but I either wanted to do pediatrics, NICU or labor and delivery. I wasn't sure which one. But then when I did my labor rotation, it was like I found my spot and I said this is my home. This is where I want to be. And so then I kind of focused all my energy in that direction.

Like anything you do in healthcare, I feel like you can have an impact on that person's experience. Being in the hospital, usually it's not great or there's things going on and you can really make a difference on whether it's med surg or OR or ICU, whatever. You can make an impact on what their experience is like. But I just feel like, I know at least for myself, when I had my kids, that moment in your life completely changes you. It's such a huge, profound time in your life to become a parent or whether it's your first one or your fifth one or if you lose a baby. And just to be able to be a part of that with somebody was just, as soon as I did it in school, I was like, Oh, this is totally... To be able to celebrate with people, and I mean, it was just such a great experience. I was like, "I've got to do this. This is where I want to be.'.

I get to love on the babies and things as big as... I mean, you get to celebrate with them, you get to, unfortunately, that's a major mourning with them if they lose their baby or but even things as small as, like we were talking about before, where it just, the impact you have on somebody for something as small as let me help you because so many moms feel so overwhelmed at first and just to be able to be like, "This is normal. It's okay. Everybody feels like this. You're exhausted. You've been... " Just to be that support person that doesn't make them feel like they're inadequate or they're doing something wrong or they're like... No, it's tough. It's not the easiest thing in the world to do and it completely dramatically changes your life for the better. I mean, it's an amazing experience. But so as soon as I did it, I fell in love with it. I was like, "This is where I want to... I want to be with moms and babies and dads and get to celebrate."