Cassi Carter

Learning from every patient

As a nurse who sees a lot of psych patients, Cassi works hard to support each one when they are in her care.

portrait of Cassi Carter, nurse at UC Davis Health


I actually like to spend time with my patients quite a bit. So I get the tasky stuff done. Make sure that they're stable and make sure they don't have any unfamiliar labs that I need to dig deeper into.

But I work with psych patients and these psych patients have unique and varying personalities. And the fact that I'm able to one, relate, but two, be curious about them, it helps build that relationship.

So one patient in particular... He's a psych patient and he is just so... He teaches me things and he doesn't even recognize it. He teaches me the importance of actually really getting to know a person and really honing in on that person's... What that person is struggling with. Because he'll actually sit there and tell me what he's dealing with and his struggles in his mind mentally. And some people get scared. But for me, it's more so... You have to understand that everyone has a background and everyone grew up differently. He told me his story, and I don't know how much of it is accurate, but I do know that everybody deals with different things in life. And it's up to you, or the support that you have, to come through it. To pull through it.

So I can't think of one in particular, but I have so many encounters and I learn from all of my patients. It's amazing.