Crissi Patel

Worth the wait

After numerous degrees and many years of school, Crissi describes how becoming a nurse finally fulfilled a lifelong dream.

portrait of Crissi Patel, nurse at UC Davis Health


I did community college for years because I was taking little by little. I was applying to the associate level programs. I couldn't get into any associate level programs. It was taking forever. They have that wait list, that point system, all of these things. It was just a mess. So I said, "I'm done with my pre-reqs and what am I going to do now?" You know?

My sister ended up going to Sac State, probably a couple... I think she graduated probably six months to a year earlier than me, I think, if I recall correctly. I remember her going to Sac State. I was like, "Okay, I'm just going to go to Sac State, too, just to get a bachelor's degree." I met with the counselor and they said, "You have all these units." My first major was child development. So they said "you have all these units." That was only because I was a teen mom.

I was like, why not just take some child development classes to figure out how to be a better parent? You know? So I ended up transferring to Sac State while I was still applying to associate level programs. And then my sister told me about the UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing. When she told me about that, I was like, "I'm on the perfect path." I could either apply to this program or I could apply to an... I was looking for accelerated programs at this point because I've been waiting forever and I didn't want my prerequisites to kind of just, what does it... expire? I don't know what they call it, but you only have a couple of years to have them.

I was like, "perfect." I ended up applying and I ended up getting in right... I think the first time I applied, I got accepted. I was just so ecstatic. I'm a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. I knew that was not my time and now I wasn't just getting a bachelor's degree, I was not getting a master's degree. So, what better? I feel like what better journey to share with my kids. It took me forever to get into nursing school. It was still always my dream. I mean, nothing stopped me from just getting to that goal.