Joleen Lonigan

My legacy is the people

As a hiring manager for many years, Joleen discusses how her legacy is all the nurses she helped hire, who make UC Davis Health a great place for care.

portrait of Joleen Lonigan, nurse at UC Davis Health


Well, I think in a lot of ways, when I look around, when I walk around again in the hospital and the units, the thing that does get me really excited, is sometimes it's exciting to see all the people that you've hired, and that you've mentored, and you've supported throughout the years. So I love some of the conversations when I show up in spaces that maybe are not as familiar, or don't know me very well, and they'll be like, "Joleen interviewed me, and hired me." So people remember our interviews, and I remember most people's interviews just because they were important, I remember them.

So from that standpoint, I think that that, for me at this point, I feel like my legacy is going to be... Probably at this point I've probably hired close to about 400 to 500 people that are nurses here within this organization, so I feel, to a certain degree, that will be a big piece of my legacy. I hope, and continue to want, to do more work, as you spoke to about giving voice to patients, as well as nurses within our organization, and seeing those people that have been hired move within our organization and continue to grow professionally, and impact not only our organization, but nursing as a profession. So I'm excited to see that continue, too.

I am spending quite a bit of time currently also working on a lot of safety things within our organization, in particular workplace violence, so I think that's going to be something that, in the next few years, too, that I hope will have some legacy program, or legacy infrastructure within our organization that's much more tangible than what we have right now. So that's, again, something that will be work to come forward.