Josh Spangler

Sharing the skills

As a preceptor in the MSICU, Josh knows how important it is to both teach and be willing to ask questions of his new nurses.

portrait of Josh Spangler, nurse at UC Davis Health


I like teaching, and then it's great when you have somebody that's also passionate about learning and stuff too, and are very interested in the topic that you're trying to teach. I mean, I can't say that it's because I'm a great teacher or anything, but it's like, no, this is stuff they need to know and that they're passionate about too. So, it just really makes it nice. And, when you get a chance to help teach somebody, and help develop the future of nursing, and kind of take time to either read, revisit some things that you may have forgotten, or expand your knowledge base too at the same time. It's just kind of an all-around way. Yeah, I like kind of sharing the skills, and the things, and the way that I do things, and the why, and understanding that too. And sometimes it even makes me like, "I don't know exactly why we do it that way." And-


... So, kind of ask important questions too.