Kiki Wong-Yee

The guiding light

Kiki talks about how challenging yet rewarding it is to work with families and their children to navigate a cancer diagnosis and guide them through the treatment process.

portrait of Kiki Wong-Yee, nurse at UC Davis Health


So we start with the family, inpatient. We introduce ourself, we get to know the family. Once they are diagnosed, while they're still inpatient, we provide as much teaching as possible before they get discharged. We give them an overview of what the next two, three years would look like, and start getting to know them, and develop that trust and rapport with them. And once they come outpatient, I help with scheduling appointments, and scans, and procedures, and clinic visits, and making sure that they understand what the plan is. Just keeping good communication, being the liaison between the doctor, nurse practitioner and the family, really to guide them and to walk alongside them on this journey. This is a really difficult time for them, but a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainties, but just really being their guiding light in this dark time of their lives.

Every day is a challenge. It's learning new things. It's been a steep learning curve, but I've enjoyed every single day. Every day is different. Some days are good, some days are bad. But it's been so rewarding.