Megan Brown

Learning to dance in the rain

Megan describes how one small act of kindness to brighten up a patient’s day changed the outlook for both she and the patient.

portrait of Megan Brown, nurse at UC Davis Health


She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I remember it was a night shift and she was just having a really difficult time asking questions like "Why did God do this to me? And why is this happening?" And it was just really sad and down and depressed.

So what I did was I took the time after shift was over, I stayed and I made all of these different signs with all these different quotes on them to try to lift her spirit. One of them, which was my most favorite, was "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain." I hung all of these different quotes in her room. Then I wasn't there when she woke up, but I heard from a charge nurse that she later, this charge nurse, later nominated me for one of our nursing awards for primary nurse because it was my primary patient because she was there when the patient woke up and saw all of these signs and she saw how much it affected her and lifted her spirits. That itself stuck with me.

But then this patient later on down the road had recently reached out to me and contacted me because she was graduating from high school and she wanted me to come to a family gathering. When I went, she actually had all of these signs and posters and things with that one quote, which ended up being my favorite quote was her favorite quote too. That had been her motto with getting through the treatment and it's still her motto today. That has just always stuck out with me that just one little simple action can affect their life so much in a powerful way.