Natasha Palmer

Give people their moment

Natasha talks about the situation that led to her receiving a DAISY Award and why this patient and their family resonated so much with her.

portrait of Natasha Palmer, nurse at UC Davis Health


I resonate a lot with it. I'm not that wife, but I was that child. And my dad had a stroke. I was 13 and we were going to take him off the ventilator. My parents, well, my mom and my family had decided, because I have a very large family, to take them off the ventilator and off life support and let him pass naturally. And nurse Julie, I still remember her. She passed just recently. But, she made it a point for us three, we call ourselves The Three Musketeers, we're the last three children, to bring us in and have that moment and make it just about my dad, not all the other stuff that was going on. And I wanted to be able to give that to the next person.

A lot of emotion, but just a sense of pride and honor. I think that I'm in a position where I can help the next person and just give them that just for a moment. When their world has been turned upside down, they have just a moment.