Rebecca Billing

It’s a little bit of everything

Rebecca, whose daughter recently became a nurse, talks about her legacy of nursing and how nursing is more than science: it’s the whole package.

portrait of Rebecca Billing, nurse at UC Davis Health


Very exciting. It's really, I think it's amazing to look at the timeline of nurses and how far we've come. My mom had to wear a nursing cap and all white and then I had to wear a nursing cap for about a year and then kind of switched. We started wearing tennis shoes and then we went into scrubs and my daughter is so inspired. I mean, I love to hear her stories. I'm super proud of her. She is doing extremely well. She wants to ultimately, she works in a med surge step-down unit, she wants to ultimately come to UC Davis and work in the ER. So yeah, it's just been great to hear her stories and to be so proud of her. Nursing is a little bit of everything. It's psychology, it's therapy, it is coaching. It's probably instinctual for us, even as the new nurses come on that are very tech savvy, and God knows they teach me a lot of stuff. But the one common thread that I think that we all have is that we have a passion for healing and we're compassionate towards people and we feel honored and humbled to do what we do.