Yolanda Schjoneman

You can’t give from an empty tank

Yolanda reflects on how, as a new manager, training and support made her feel like she could fill her own tank so that she could be there for her staff.

portrait of Yolanda Schjoneman, nurse at UC Davis Health


You know, I kind of thought about that and I think there's just, there's so many. I think now with what I'm doing with Creative Health Care's Management and our Leading An Empowered Organization, that is the thing that's touching my heart the most, is to give people a framework because our job for managers is so hard.

We are so stuck in the middle of all of this, between the patients and the staff and administration and everything else and I'm not saying other people's jobs aren't difficult. That's not what I'm saying at all. But for us to have a platform, now and each other, I think to me that has touched me the most. That, that is what I hope that I continue to be able to be supportive to people when they're having a hard time and that I can be supportive to others when I'm uplifted and everything's great and I can say, "You know what? You're having a hard time and I hear you and I am here for you."

I think it's an augment to everything that we had that was very much needed. I think that Toby had a vision and brought it in for all of us and so it was something that I do feel as a brand new manager, I was a little lost and now I feel that there's a direction and there's support.

We can't, as managers, have all of that to give to our staff when we're empty and I think that that's the biggest thing to see. And as a manager, you're always on. All the eyes are on you and so with that, how can we then come to work to be our best self.