Our vision is to expand this program to ALL employees throughout the UC DAVIS Health from  physicians to dietitians and EVS staff.

We have fully imagined the power of a collective wisdom, a  focused team purpose and a deep sense of inner fulfillment when someone realizes their work “matters”  that RSC can offer. We can imagine the power of that engagement in the care of our patients.

About the Course

Again,  RSC is a 3 day seminar designed to explore these questions. The seminar is based on belief that we ( in healthcare)  all  are  smart, creative and whole – that we can ALL solve our own problems. We tap into shared wisdom, appreciation of each other to gain insight skills and strategies that will help us THRIVE in our work and lives.  The value of this program is  to discover and sustain  the  Joy, Meaning and Purpose of our lives and profession. 


Reigniting the Spirit of Caring's 10th year in place at UDCMC

Carol introduced primary nursing – care that is based on authentic relationship between nurses and patients; a shared journey where one nurse establishes that connection, identifies the patient’s needs, establishes plan of care with other team members and communicates that care to others. The primary nurse assumes direct care of patient until patient is discharged. To support the nurses in primary nursing, Carol also provided Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring classes. Carol recognized nurturing the heart and souls of nurses was as valuable as providing education for the mind. Because of Carol Robinson visionary leadership, nursing has transformed and we are now beacon for excellent care.