Who can attend?​

All employees of UC Davis Health are invited to attend Reigniting the Spirit of Caring. If you are an employee of Patient Care Services, your first class will be paid for by your department. If you are not an employee of Patient Care Services, or you have already taken RSC, you are free to use Professional Leave or use your own personal time.


How do I sign up?​

Class schedules and registration are available on the CPPN website: http://ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/cppn/classes/reigniting_the_spirit_of_caring.html 


Do I need to use Professional Leave (PL) hours?​

The majority of departments at UC Davis Health allow for each employee to attend once, with their hours (24 in total) paid for through the department. All are invited to take RSC more than once, but your own Paid Leave hours will be used for future classes. 


What if my department/unit doesn’t pay for their employees to attend?​

You are welcome to attend, but you will have to request work off for the three days. It is not recommended to work immediately after or before RSC (ex: night shifts) as it is an important time to rest and slow down.


Are there CEU’s available?​

Yes! At the end of the 3 days, you will receive 21 CEU’s. (We apologize, but we are not yet able to provide CME’s)

Are scrubs required?​

Scrubs are not required. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. If you become cold or hot easily, layers are advised. 


Where is the class held?​

Unless otherwise advertised, RSC is held in the Auditorium at the MIND Institute. (2825 50th St, Sacramento). Parking passes are available to purchase for participants who do not have an employee parking pass. 


Should I bring food?​

Breakfast and lunch for each of the three days will be catered. Because we cannot provide individual meals, please plan accordingly if you have dietary restrictions or allergies. A refrigerator and microwave are available for classes held at the MIND Institute. 


What is “Pay It Forward”, or the RSC Endowment? What is the money used for?​

Since 2004, RSC has been fully funded by the Department of Nursing as a gift for employees. While we hope to be able to always provide it free of cost, this gift is not necessarily guaranteed for future generations of health care employees. The endowment or “Pay It Forward” establishes protected funds that allow future employees to attend the workshop, regardless of how UC Davis Health System might change. It also helps to fund future off-site RSC classes held at retreat centers or destination locations. 


How do I contribute to the RSC Endowment?​

It’s easy! Payroll deductions of one-time, or continuing gifts are accepted through the Employee Giving Program here: https://give.ucdavis.edu/HSYS/123724