Hand with a calculator and pen. (c) All rights reserved.The fellowship award provides a commitment of $150,000 per year for up to three years. These funds are used to accomplish the proposed project, ensure time for professional development activities associated with the fellowship, attend the annual convocation and travel to professional meetings to enrich career opportunities and networking.

The project

Fellows complete individual projects that address an important question or develop and test an innovative idea. Projects are presented in the third year and generate new knowledge and insights and have the potential for widespread impact. Projects are scoped for completion within 24 to 30 months and accomplished within the project budget.

Projects can include:

  • Research study
  • Implementation of an evidence-based intervention incorporating implementation science
  • Inventions that incorporate a rapid-cycle design process

Project timeline

  • Start-up and final planning phase — Over the first six months of the program, fellows work with their self-selected and program-appointed mentors to refine and finalize their proposed projects and budgets, as well as complete start-up activities (e.g., assemble a project team, obtain Institutional Review Board approvals, etc.).
  • Project launch — Projects commence within the first two to six months of the award start date and launch no later than Jan. 1.
  • Project duration — Projects range from 24-30 months in duration, with the last four to six months of the program reserved for preparing and disseminating the final report and product.

Fellowship budget proposal

At least 30% support for the fellow’s salary and benefits is required to be included in the budget template. If there are alternate sources of funding to meet the 30% minimum effort requirement, exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please email hs-NurseLeaderFellows@ucdavis.edu to discuss exceptions.

If the scope of project and professional development expectations are projected to require more than a 30% effort to be successful, additional effort can be allocated on a case-by-case basis. Use your budget justification document to describe the source(s) of funding that can contribute (e.g., release time from other responsibilities, additional grant funding that contributes to the project, or allocation of additional fellowship project budget). 

The component of the budget related to project expenses is considered provisional. Project budgets are refined following the start-up and final planning phase of the fellowship.

Expenses that can be included in the budget

Project-related expenditures

  • Salaries and benefits for project personnel, including project staff and statistical and technical support
  • Other project expenses such as equipment, supplies, licenses and software, consultants, and expenses related to data collection and analysis
  • Dissemination expenses including travel to professional meetings and publication expenses

Professional development expenditures

  • Travel costs and registration fees to attend conferences to support professional development goals
  • Travel to the annual convocation is provided by the national program office and is in addition to the award funding; therefore, this expense shouldn’t be included in the budget

Please note indirect cost return cannot be applied to these awards.

Use the budget template to submit your budget request and customize as needed to reflect your project. Also, attach a narrative budget justification to explain the line items as part of your final PDF.

Institutional funds

To recognize the expense to the home institution to fully commit to the fellow’s experience (i.e., at least 30% release time), a one-time payment of $50,000 is provided. This funding goes directly to the institution, not the fellow. It ensures the institution achieves its objectives while the fellow dedicates at least 30% effort to the program. The funding also provides some support for facilities and infrastructure as indirect cost return is not allowed. 

A brief narrative regarding the intended use of the funds is a required component of the dean, chief nurse executive or chief nursing officer nomination statement. Examples include the intent to provide staff coverage to support the release time required by the fellowship or infrastructure support for the project and faculty member.

Please email the national program office at hs-NurseLeaderFellows@ucdavis.edu or call 916-734-8858 for specific questions.