Noura Aman, M.H.S. 


Molly Anderson, M.H.S. 


Erin Barker, M.H.S. 


Adrian Battle, M.H.S.  



Amelie Bernard, M.H.S. 


Muhammad Bhalli, M.H.S.


Rong Cai, M.S., M.H.S.


Kelvin Chang, M.H.S.


Annabel Chen, M.H.S.


Cathy Chen, M.H.S.


Morrell Chhay, M.H.S.


Dragana Cooper, M.H.S.


Julie Cortes, M.H.S.


Kyle Desimone, M.H.S.


Caitlin Dickey, M.H.S.


Kimberly Dizon, M.H.S.


Amaya Drake, M.H.S.


Miriam Eshoiee, M.H.S.


Balakimwe Farara, M.H.S.


Naghmeh Fathi, M.H.S.


Nicole Fiss, M.H.S.


Hannah Guletz, M.H.S.


Erica Haedrich, M.H.S.


Nicole Hall, M.H.S.


Kaitlyn Hane, M.H.S.


Kari Hazzard, M.H.S.


Morgan Hines, M.H.S.


Mallory Holland, M.S., M.H.S.


Evgenia Ioudina, M.H.A., M.H.S.


Yirye, Hwangbo, M.H.S.


Kindah Jaradeh, M.H.S. 


Kelsey Javelet, M.H.S.


Emily Jing, M.H.S. 


Ruth Kershaw, M.H.S. 


Jenifer Kim, M.H.S. 


Alexandra Kuizenga, M.H.S. 


Alishia Little, M.H.S. 


Monica Mendiola, M.H.S. 


Roopa Mukund, M.B.A., M.H.S. 


Angie Nam, M.H.S. 


Maria Naqvi, M.H.S. 


Rocio Neale, M.H.S. 


Jason Nesler, M.H.S. 


Diem-Chi Nguyen, M.H.S. 


Linh Nguyen, M.H.S. 


Patrick Nguyen, M.H.S. 


Tiffany Nguyen, M.H.S. 


Vina Nguyen, M.H.S. 


Rory Nichols, M.H.S. 


Christopher Pacheco, M.H.S. 


Justin Palmer, M.A.T., M.H.S. 

Michelle Patras

Michelle Patras, M.H.S. 


Jaymie Pearcy, M.H.S. 


Jacqueline Perez, M.P.H., M.H.S.  


Tanairi Quezada, M.H.S. 


Allison Robertson, M.H.S.

Jason L. Sajulan, M.H.S. 


Kateryna Sergeev, M.H.S. 


Kristen Sharp, M.H.S. 


Navjit Shelly, M.H.S. 


Jordan Williams, M.H.S. 

Kelly Braman

Kelly Braman, M.H.S. 

Dennis Brodsky, M.S.

Dennis Brodsky, M.S., M.H.S.

Diane Bui

Diane Bui, M.H.S. 

Bianca Bzdel

Bianca Bzdel, M.H.S.

Kasmian Campa

Kasmian Campa, M.H.S.

Eric Cheung

Eric Cheung, M.H.S.  

Daria Evans

Daria Evans, M.H.S. 

Ryan Fong

Ryan Fong, M.H.S. 

Harman Kaur Gill

Harman Kaur Gill, M.H.S.  

Manpreet Gill

Manpreet Gill, M.H.S.  

Tiffany Ha

Tiffany Ha, M.H.S. 

Mariam Hanna

Mariam Hanna, M.H.S.

John (Jay) Hume

John (Jay) Hume, M.H.S. 

Michelle Hustedt

Michelle Hustedt, M.H.S. 

Abby Imboden

Abby Imboden, M.H.S. 

Ravneet Singh Kang

Ravneet Singh Kang, M.H.S.  

Marla Lucas

Marla Lucas, M.H.S.

Leila Nazparvar (Nakhaee)

Leila Nazparvar (Nakhaee) , M.H.S.  

Janel Ojeda

Janel Ojeda, M.H.S. 

Paula Ong

Paula Ong, M.H.S.  

Danielle Pohlit, M.S.

Danielle Pohlit, M.S., M.H.S.  

Shon Singh

Shon Singh, M.H.S.  

Eryn Wicklow

Eryn Wicklow, M.H.S.  

Alix Wilson, M.P.H.

Alix Wilson, M.P.H., M.H.S. 

Cheston Wong

Cheston Wong, M.H.S. 

Jacqueline Wu

Jacqueline Wu, M.H.S.

John Wu

John Wu, M.H.S.

Victor Wu

Victor Wu, M.H.S. 

Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang, M.H.S.

Steven Zhong

Steven Zhong, M.H.S. 

Analicia Baldonado, M.S., P.A.

Analicia Baldonado, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Recommendation of a Culturally Appropriate Educational Product for Patients Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Markie Benavidez, M.S., P.A.

Markie Benavidez, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Motivational Interviewing Tool for Providers to Address Adult Obesity in Primary Care

Carrie Brothers, M.S., M.Ed., P.A.

Carrie Brothers, MHS, M.Ed., P.A.

Project topic: Equipping Primary Care Providers to Serve Aging Transgender People

Ashley Bynum, M.S., P.A.

Ashley Bynum, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Increasing Patient Awareness on the Role of Physician Assistants on Health Care Teams

Keith Byrd, M.S., P.A.

Keith Byrd, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Promoting an Oral Health Program within UC Davis Student-Run Clinics

Nicole Davis, M.S., P.A.

Nicole Davis, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Increasing Patient Awareness of the Role of Physician Assistants on Health Care Teams

Amanda Echeverria, M.S., P.A.

Amanda Echeverria, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Barriers to Interprofessional Education: An Educational Module for Facilitators of Prelicensure Health Education Programs

Megan Fitzgerald, M.S., P.A.

Megan Fitzgerald, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Improving Detection of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Jennifer Fukasawa, M.S., P.A.

Jennifer Fukasawa, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Springs Use in the Management of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Sarah Garcia, M.S., M.P.H., P.A.

Sarah Garcia, MHS, M.P.H., P.A.

Project topic: Best Practice: An Evaluation of Emergency Department Triage Systems via Analysis of Care Processes and Patient Outcomes to Improve Overcrowding, Throughput and Patient Satisfaction

Genevieve Green, M.S., P.A.

Genevieve Green, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Screening Deployed Military Service Members for Mild, Traumatic Brain Injuries: Developing Best-Practice Protocol Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Telehealth

Mereb Habtetsion, M.S., P.A.

Mereb Habtetsion, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Lifestyle Interventions for Hispanic Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Carly Hustrei, M.S., P.A.

Carly Hustrei, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: An Education Toolkit for Health Care Providers and Patients Regarding the Use of Over-the-Counter Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) for Chronic Pain

Jasleen Kaur, M.S., P.A.

Jasleen Kaur, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Encouraging Breast Cancer Screening in the Southeast-Asian Female Population

Nicole Klopovic, M.H.S., P.A.

Nicole Klopovic, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Entertaining Educational Tool Designed to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Hispanic Populations

Ruth Legesse, M.S., P.A.

Ruth Legesse, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Demystifying Healthy Eating Misconceptions in Low-Income, African-American Communities

Dessie Paraskevas, M.S., P.A.

Dessie Paraskevas, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Determining the Non-Financial Barriers and Facilitating Factors of Health Care Access in the Peruvian Community of Sacramento

Andrea Quintana, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Improving Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Cultural Competency of Rural Providers Using an Interactive Online Module

Alexandra Sabella, M.S., P.A.

Alexandra Sabella, MHS, P.A.

Project topic: Improving Depression Care at Student-Run Clinic through Implementation of Mental Health Coordinator Position

Emily Barrick, MHS

Thesis topic: ADHD Screening Algorith for College Students

Elizabeth Bradbury, MHS

Thesis topic: Intrathecal Drug Delivery Devices: An Educational Tool for Patients and Family Members

Brandy Carrillo, R.N., M.S.

Thesis topic: An Investigation on Mexican-American Adolescent Female Depression: An Educational Module on Depression for Teenagers

Jennifer Figueroa, MHS

Thesis topic: Development of Best Practice Guidelines in Oral Contraceptive Pill Users Experiencing Mood Changes

Brittany Gerali, MHS

Thesis topic: Saturated Fat: An Evidence-Based Critique of Current Dietary Guidelines for Cardiovascular Protection

Pamela Ibanez, MHS

Thesis topic: Increasing Advance Directive Use in a Primary-Care Setting: A Quality Improvement Study


Beata Jaron, MHS

Thesis topic: Developing Best Proactive Guidelines for Skin Cancer Screening in the Primary-Care Setting: Identifying High Risk Individuals

Beata Jaron, MHS

Thesis topic: Screening Adolescents for Type 2 Diabetes in the Middle School Environment

Nathaniel Lara, MHS

Thesis topic: Identification of Metabolic Syndrome with Point of Care Medical Testing in a High Need Hispanic Population: A Quality Improvement Project

Manriquez Maribel, M.P.H., MHS

Thesis topic: Effectiveness of Intervention to Increase Knowledge of COPD Exacerbations and Prevent the Likelihood of Emergency Department Admissions for Exacerbations of COPD in Target Population

Chrisitopher Morales, MHS

Thesis topic: Initiation of Hormone Therapy for Transgender Patients: How to Enhance the Practices of Primary-Care Providers Serving Transitioning Patients

Cathleen Mueller, MHS

Thesis topic: Multiple Medications in the Older Adult: An Educational Tool for Patients

Allison O'Brien, MHS

Thesis topic: Effective Communication Techniques for Vaccine Visits: An Educational Module

Stella Plukchi, MHS

Thesis topic: Vaccines Uncensored: An Educational Brochure for Russian-Speaking Parents

Stephanie Purewal, MHS

Thesis topic: Best Practice Algorithm for Primary-Care Providers for the Referral of Patients to Cateract Surgery

Dale Risenhoover, MHS

Thesis topic: Increasing Advance Directive Use in a Primary-Care Setting: A Quality Improvement Study

Yael Saavedra, MHS

Thesis topic: "All it takes is Just 10 Minutes of Mindfulness Meditation:" Providing an Educational Tool to Reduce Stress in Caregivers of Persons who Have Alzheimer's Disease, Through a Mindfulness Medication Class in Peru

Jonathan Sanz, MHS

Thesis topic: A Quality Improvement Initiative in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Screening in a Student-Run Free Clinic

Lynette Tschabold, MHS

Thesis topic: Development of Pre-Screening Questionnaire for Depression in Military Veterans and Service Members in the non-Veterans and Service Members in the non-Veterans Health Administration Primary-Care Setting

Wa Vue, MHS

Thesis topic: Ten Questions: An Educational Tool to Improve Medication Adherence Among Hmong Patients