Postdoctoral Scholar
Specialty: The intersection of nutrition, food policy and health care

Ronit Ridberg is a postdoctoral scholar at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis mentored by Associate Dean for Research Janice Bell as well as Fred Meyers, director for the UC Davis Health Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences, where Ridberg manages the center’s Precision Nutrition Program.

Her current research includes evaluation of programs in and outside the clinical setting which aim to address food insecurity, improve dietary consumption and manage chronic disease. This body of work builds on her doctoral dissertation, which she completed at the School of Nursing in 2018. Ridberg also serves as an adjunct research scientist offering expert guidance on produce prescription programs and metrics to The Nutrition Incentive Hub, a new national resource for those working to launch or expand nutrition incentive programs.

Prior to joining the School of Nursing’s doctoral program in 2014, Ridberg consulted on more than a dozen projects related to healthy food procurement policies in prisons, hospitals, schools and state agencies, as well as best practices to expand regional food system distribution infrastructure. Her interdisciplinary academic training placed a high priority on the ability to translate and liaise between sectors — a skill she utilizes daily in working with stakeholders across the health and food system spectrums, including policymakers, researchers, advocates, health care providers and payers, growers, consumers, chefs, distributors and funders.

Ridberg enjoys serving as a technical reviewer for numerous U.S. Department of Agriculture competitive grant programs as well as for academic journals. She earned a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from the Agriculture, Food and Environment program at Tufts University and a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University. She has been published in Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, Current Developments in Nutrition, Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems and Environmental Communication.