"Critical Analysis of Data Collection Strategies for Safety Measures in Older Adult Care: A Focused Study of a Health Care Organization"

Nurse practitioner student Sara Marchessault discusses her School of Nursing experience


Sara Marchessault, a graduate student in the nurse practitioner and physician assistant dual-track program, shares her motivations for becoming a nurse and what she has learned at the School of Nursing.

Sara Marchessault, a nurse slated to complete both nurse practitioner and physician assistant degree programs in August, examined one health care organization’s data collection on adverse safety events, such as falls and medication errors, in older adults, to determine if it aligned with national best practices.

“I reviewed more than 100,000 data entries from 40 facilities along the West Coast,” Marchessault said. “The results point to the challenges of creating a database and then collecting the data in a way that can be analyzed, then used to improve quality within the organization.”

Marchessault said the project has prepared her to support and generate quality improvement efforts in her home clinic and provided her the tools to help make change happen.

Learn more about Marchessault’s goals of providing better care in her rural, California community.