“An Examination of How Nurse Managers Access Information for Nurse-Sensitive Quality Measures”

Rayne SorianoDoctoral candidate Rayne Soriano combines caring with technology to improve quality in health care.

Rayne Soriano, nurse and doctoral candidate, analyzes how increasing amounts of health care data through electronic systems can be leveraged to improve quality in our hospitals. In order to apply his research to practice, he also educates nurse managers — key operational leaders in our hospitals, in the field of health informatics.

For his dissertation, Soriano interviewed 28 nurse managers from nine different health care organizations to determine how they access information in various systems to monitor nurse-sensitive quality outcomes in the backdrop of their already complex roles.

“I found in order to access all the information they need, they are required to jump between multiple departments, electronic health records, and other areas within the hospital system to paint a complete picture of the quality of care,” Soriano explained. “The combination of using health information technology and caregiving, which are from opposite worlds, must be researched and understood, so that we can get it right and improve quality and safety."

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