The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship is a three year program briefly described below. Applicants interested in applying for the program or obtaining additional information should contact the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at 916-734-6219


High Risk Obstetrical Service - The first six months of the fellowship in year one is spent on the High Risk Obstetrical Service. For two to three weeks out of each clinical month, the fellow will be the attending on labor and delivery staffing all procedures and attending on the postpartum rounds with the residents. In addition, they will spend time in the NICU and with infectious disease services.

Basic Science Research - The second six months will be devoted to perinatal research. Currently there are multiple areas of research in addition to the OB/GYN Department, including outcomes-based research in the Center for Research and Primary Care, basic science research in the Nutrition Department, Primate Center, MIND Institute or the Genome Center.


Clinical - For one week of each clinical month during the second year the fellow will attend on labor and delivery at University of California Davis Medical Center as they did during the first year. The particular week will not be when the first year fellow is primary attending. During the remaining three to four weeks of each clinical month, the second year fellow broadens his/her experience in prenatal diagnosis and medical genetics and high risk pregnancy consultations.

Research - In the second six months of year two the fellow will return to their research experience as detailed above, under the supervision of the appropriate section leaders. They will continue with increasing independence on the part of the fellow. At this point in the fellowship the fellow should have developed a specific area of investigation which her/she is studying with less intensive supervision by the staff.


Research - The research experience in the last six month of year two is continued in the first six months of year three in order to provide one continuous year of research opportunity. By this point in the fellowship the fellow should be developing data which should be the basis for grant submissions and the supervising faculty work to ensure that the fellow achieves his/her level of success.

Clinical - The last six months of the third year the fellow functions almost at the level of faculty in that he/she oversees high-risk clinics and a consultative clinic at the UC Davis Medical Center. For one week per clinical month the third year fellow will attend on labor and delivery as he/she has done the previous years. Their role will be one of clinical faculty with less but still present clinical faculty supervision.