In order to gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete the third year, experiential learning is essential.  This requires a student to maintain consistent participation and attendance throughout the third year.  We recognize the role and value of personal appointment time in the overall health and wellness of our students and such appointments will be accommodated but will be held to the standards identified below. 

If a student will be absent from a third year activity for any reason, the student needs to obtain permission from the IOR(s) (except in the case of emergencies) and complete a Notification of Absence form.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Clerkship Coordinator, Instructor of Record and assigned Preceptor/Resident/Attending in the event of illness, family emergency or planned absence.

No student shall miss more than 2 days in any 4-week block or 3 days in any 8-week block.  Any absences up to these limits may have make-up work assigned at the discretion of the IOR.  Any absences beyond these limits will require time to be made up before a passing score is given for the course.  Any student missing more than 7 days, throughout the academic year, will be referred to the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education.

Students should notify their teams of all approved absences or appointments as soon as possible and inform the IOR if any resistance is encountered.

rev. 3/14