Volunteer Chaplains

volunteer chaplain father josephFather Joseph Nguyen: Roman Catholic

Priest with the Sacramento Diocese and St. Joseph's Parrish

Master of Divinity/JCL/BA Philosophy

Gloria O’Neil Gloria O’Neil: Baptist

Gloria serves mainly as a volunteer chaplain for our littlest patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She also supports the department on occasion by responding to pages while the resident chaplains are in seminars.

Sue Roberts: Roman Catholic

Sue provides patients with the Eucharist (Holy Communion) upon request. She volunteers as a chaplain for patients and families as needed once a week.

Susan Farrar: Buddhist

Susan is a volunteer who provides spiritual care to patients, families, and staff once a week serving all faiths or no faith at all. She is a leader at Lion’s Roar Temple in Sacramento.

Zola Ferguson: Science of Mind

Zola is a retired Colonel in the Air Force who is studying her Master of Divinity at Starr King School for Ministry in Berkeley. Her goal is to become a board-certified chaplain. She has a medical background as a PA in her earlier career. Zola comes to the hospital once a week to provide care for patients and their families as needed in support of the department.

volunteer chaplain father joseph

Be Patterson: Ordained as an Interfaith Minister by the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley. 

Be did her CPE residency here at UC Davis Medical Center in 2008. She serves our department and the people of UC Davis Health by doing overnight on calls as needed. 

Christiana Finnegan: Non-denominational Christian

Christiana has been serving the patients here at UC Davis Health as a volunteer chaplain in the hospital as needed and has recently been answering the on call pager while chaplain residents are in seminar. 

Carolyn Brodt

Carolyn Brodt: Lutheran

Carolyn is an ordained Lutheran pastor, serving in her pastoral internship at St Marks church in downtown Sacramento. She was here at UC Davis CPE program as a Summer Intern in 2018.  Carolyn continues to serve the patients here as a volunteer chaplain helping out with overnight on calls to keep her spiritual care skills in action.

Tara Torok

Tara Torok:  Buddhist

Col. David Tool Col. David Tool: Buddhist

Col. Tool is a Vietnam Veteran who serves the needs of the veteran population here at UC Davis Health.  He is a wonderful resource for our veterans who might respond to an officer about their experiences in the hospital and beyond.

Juli Patten: Lutheran

Juli is an ordained Lutheran pastor and a volunteer chaplain who did her first unit of CPE in Honolulu.  She is serving her pastoral internship at the Lutheran church in Davis, CA.  Juli serves as a volunteer during the days as needed, and also takes overnight on call duties.