Flow Cytometry

UC Davis Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratories

The mission of the UC Davis Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratory is to provide access to expertise and instrumentation for analytical flow cytometry, cell sorting, and laser scanning cytometry to all researchers at UC Davis, including members of the UC Davis Cancer Center, and to biotech companies and other research organizations.

Research Support for Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

Cell sorting and analytical cytometers are located at three sites in Davis and Sacramento for research use on a recharge basis. The Davis and Sacramento labs are managed by Bridget McLaughlin, Technical Director and Jonathan Van Dyke, Technical Manager, who operate the cell sorters for assisted sorting on an appointment basis and provide training to investigators in acquiring data on the analytic cytometers. With a combined 30+ years of flow cytometry expertise, we can advise on experiment design for flow cytometry, provide training to enable independent use of the analytical cytometers, and familiarize investigators with popular data analysis software tools such as BD Diva and CellQuest, FlowJo, ModFit and iBrowser. 

Our Locations

Location: Davis Campus Shared Flow Cytometry Resource, 3425 Tupper Hall, Health Sciences Complex, Davis, CA, 95616, Phone: 530-752-7205.

Cell sorter:

  • 11 color Cytomation MoFlo high speed cell sorter

Analytic cytometers:

  • Cytek xP5 (FACScan) 5 color cytometer
  • BD LSRII 17 color cytometer

Laser Scanning Cytometer:

  • 3 laser, 4 color solid substrate, microscope based, inverted optic scanning cytometer for histological specimens, cytospin slides and tissue culture dishes.

Location: Sacramento Health System Shared Flow Cytometry Resource, 2921 Stockton Blvd., Institute for Regenerative Cures, Suite 1670, Sacramento, CA 95817, Phone: 916-703-9307

Cell sorter:

  • 16 color BD inFlux high speed cell sorter in HEPA enclosure

Analytic cytometers:

  • BD Fortessa 20 color cytometer
  • Stratedigm 12 color S1000EX cytometer

Location: Sacramento Health System Satellite Facility, Room 3154, Research III, Sacramento, CA

  • BD FACScan 3 color cytometer

Contact Us

To learn more or to make an appointment for cell sorting or instrument training, contact:

Bridget McLaughlin   Jonathan Van Dyke
Bridget McLaughlin
Technical Director
Phone: 530-752-7205
Email: bmclaughlin@ucdavis.edu
  Jonathan Van Dyke
Technical Manager
Phone: 916-703-9307
Email: jvandyke@ucdavis.edu

Find us on the Web: Specific details about our flow cytometry instrumentation, instrument hourly rates and scheduling calendar can be found at our main Cancer Center supported web page:  https://ccresources.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/csr/content/index.csr

Please visit our site and create a secure profile to view our online reservation calendar and to see even more details about our instrumentation, sample preparation methods and protocols.

For convenience, our current hourly rates are shown below; please note that Cancer Center members receive a lower, subsidized rate for cancer related research. 

Instrument Name Non-Member
Self Op
CC Member
CC Member
Self Op
Becton Dickinson FACScan - Davis 118 67 83 47
Becton Dickinson FACScan - Sacramento 118 67 83 47
Becton Dickinson Fortessa, Sacramento 134 96 94 68
Becton Dickinson LSR II, Davis 132 94 93 66
Consulting Services 60 0 60 0
Cytomation MoFlo Cell Sorter, Davis 151 114 106 80
Stratedigm S1000EX Cytometer, Sacramento 134 84 94 66
iCys® Research Imaging Cytometer, Davis 86 33 60 23
inFlux Cell Sorter, Sacramento 151 114 106 80

Facebook: Visit us on Facebook for news about our labs!

Reagent and staining panel design wizards:
Visit our Fluorish page for specifics about the optical components of our cytometers, flow cytometry reagent catalogs, staining panel design wizards and much, much more! Create a profile at http://fluorish.com and join our UC Davis flow cytometry core page!

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